John and Nell Cobb are the proud owners of Mississippi Grass Nursery since purchasing the operation in 1992 from Mississippi's first professional turfgrass farmer, Leo Klarr.  They employ a staff of dedicated and experienced employees and you can meet them all here:

John Cobb, Owner

John M. (Red) Cobb worked for Gulf/Chevron Oil Company for 12 years after completing his 1980 BS in Industrial Management from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). He spent ten years in the Gulf of Mexico as Lease Operator on Production platforms, and was working in Cabinda, Angola on the west coast of Africa when he retired from the petroleum industry.

After purchasing Mississippi Grass Nursery in 1992, he enrolled at Mississippi State University (MSU) where he attended classes during the winter months and worked on the farm during the spring and summer months.  He obtained his BS in Agronomy/Turfgrass Management from MSU in 1995 and was inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture.

Since finishing his latest degree, he has been busy planting his fine quality turf all over the Gulf South and spends his winter months speaking at conferences and seminars as well as consulting for new sod farmers and other turf managers.

Nell Cobb, Owner


Nell Klarr Cobb received a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1979.  After graduation, Nell and John married, and though she was given a full fellowship for MBA studies, she left graduate school after two semesters to raise their children, Sara Nell and John Russell.  Nell worked off and on at the grass farm all her life: she became full time Office Manager in 1985 and was Operations Manager at the time she and John bought the operation from her father in 1992.

She has spent the past 15 years attending conferences, seminars and short courses promoting Mississippi Grass Nursery and adding to her knowledge of the turfgrass  industry.

Nell is a charter member and President of the Mississippi Sod Producers Association, a growers cooperative formed to produce and market three Improved Bermudagrasses which were developed and released under patent by MSU.  She is also a Past-President of the Mississippi Turfgrass Association and a former recipient of that organization's Turf Professional of the Year Award..

Thad Keys

Thad Keys
has been with the farm for over 30 years.  For over twenty years he has been our primary driver for sod or sprig deliveries, and recently has served as planting operator on golf courses and athletic fields.  Thad has a fine eye for detail and does almost all of the seedbed preparation on our turf fields.




Wiley Magee

Wiley Magee
has been a loyal employee since before this was a grass farm.  He helped Leo raise soybeans and oats before the switch to turfgrass in the early 1960s.   Wiley is our sod harvester operator, and he works tirelessly at any job he is asked to do, no matter what time or day it is.




John Russell Cobb

John Russell Cobb
has helped on the turf farm since he was 13 years old , and has become the primary greens planter on the golf courses we sprig.  He has also begun to plant athletic fields and, hopefully, will take over planting in the next few years.   He is very determined and responsible and won top scholastic awards in school.




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